NEW IN: The ZOEVA Brush Clutch

ZOEVA_Brush Clutch_Large_2 ZOEVA_Brush Clutch_Small_2

It’s not quite a secret anymore: We are makeup brush addicts and we love makeup tools from the bottom of our heart. So we gave our ZOEVA brushes the home-sweet-home they deserve. From January 27th on, all our ZOEVA single brush sets, like the Complete Set, Face Set, Eye Set and many more will come to you in these super-classy clutches. The ZOEVA Brush Clutch is available in two sizes. Large, for larger sets and small for smaller sets. They are also available separately, starting from January 27, 2014.

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All product image files are available here: Click here to download all image files of the ZOEVA Brush Clutches

Prices refer to the official price in EUR in the ZOEVA online shop